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Software Development

Software Development

When it comes to your software development needs NephyrTech is an ideal candidate. We help conceptualizing, planning and developing a program that is both user friendly and meets the functional requirements of the clients. Developing a software is a complex process which involves a lot of thought and coordination. Without this the end result will be hard to maintain and upgrade. Here at NephyrTech we follow the best programming and coordination practices to ensure that the end result will be both usable, optimized and scalable to the limit that the client would define. The process of the development also entails extensive testing both structural and use case testing. This is an important phase as most providers forget to perform proper stress testing and can cause severe problems when deployed on a production environment.

Each project we take on is treated with maximum care and attention, no matter how small the task is. On larger projects we assign dedicated project leads whose sole purpose is to coordinate that single project and create a bridge between the client and the development group. This ensures that there won't be any delays due to miscommunication or improper direction in any of the projects.

NephyrTech: The ideal choice for your Software Development needs

Our software development capabilities are ensured by highly trained programmers with several years of experience in various IT fields and programming languages. They are well versed in the latest technologies such as Ajax, Silverlight, LinQ...etc. We are experienced in all of the current programming languages such as C#, Java, ActionScript, PHP, .NET and so on. We also have programmers who have knowledge of previously very common languages such as C/C++, Assembly, Python, Perl, Basic. It is common that if a company has their whole software base built in an older language they might wish to select a company to do the upgrade who knows that language aside from the latest ones. This is why NephyrTech is the ideal choice for your Software Development needs.

We also have worked for several areas of the IT field starting from life sciences with cell analysis all the way to mission critical applications for high availability systems controlling expensive equipment.